Give a memorable gift to coworkers, employees, managers, or business partners.

Bright corporate gifts. Give impressions!


Use branding to surprise your partners and colleagues with an unexpected gift.
Number of parts
Make puzzles with as many details as you want
Your company logo and other necessary information on the box.
Number of puzzles
Ready to produce any quantity, from 50 pieces or more, in a short time
Puzzle size
Puzzles of any size, up to A1 size, can be produced
Figured puzzle cutting
We will develop for you the highest quality cutting, taking into account your wishes and the theme of the puzzle
Choose, draw, or use your image

Why Unidragon puzzles?

Your gift is already wrapped!

The bright wooden box looks great without any additional decoration.

Aesthetic pleasure and color therapy

Our painters work attentively on every detail. Look at the illustration and immerse yourself in the story that the back of the puzzle tells

Broad product range

Everyone will find a puzzle to their taste. Many product lines are available to choose from.

Get out of your routine

Spend time with your family, by yourself or with loved ones. Puzzles develop imagination, cognitive abilities, and prevent burnout

Puzzles are new books

Concentrate and relax from the current information noise. The daily worries will wait


Jigsaw puzzles in the shape of animals

  • Spend time with your loved ones by doing puzzles together. Unidragon puzzles have the most unique shape and design.
  • Make your life more interesting by completing unusual animal puzzles.

Urban and natural landscapes

  • Find inspiration while creating your breathtaking paintings
  • By collecting puzzles, you can escape the monotony of everyday life. Gain new impressions and positive emotions

Children’s dinosaur puzzles

  • Encourage a child’s desire to learn new things
  • Improve fine motor skills, logic, and thinking. Puzzles will bring the entire family together and allow them to spend quality time together

Quest + puzzle = Quezzle

  • Three entertainments in one
  • Large-scale detailed illustration: enter the world of Quezzle by looking at it. Collect puzzles and complete quests with the whole family

Wooden designed world maps

  • Elegant interior design solutions for the home and office
  • Eco-friendly materials of exceptional quality and sustainability

Mandala wooden puzzles

  • Help you focus on what you want
  • Mandala puzzles will assist you in tuning in to your own growth, self-improvement, and success.

Gluing system

  • Your puzzles will now be used to decorate your home or office, whichever you prefer
  • Turn the room into an art gallery. Easy to place, easy to remove

We make your gifts unique

Your corporate logo printed on a puzzle box

Give one-of-a-kind gifts to your coworkers and employees. Increase their loyalty and surprise them

when ordering
from 5,000 pcs

Puzzles with any image

Gifts for any occasion. Make a jigsaw puzzle out of photos of your boss or favorite coworkers.

when ordering
from 10,000 pcs

Special boxes for large orders

Even more individuality! Such a gift will surprise

when ordering
from 5,000 pcs

Puzzle of your logo for a wholesale order

A truly corporate gift for your staff. Assemble your logo out of many wooden pieces

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Depois de resolver o puzzle, decore as suas paredes!

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Um conjunto sozinho permitirá que você pendure 6 quebra-cabeças pequenos, 3 quebra-cabeças médios ou 3 quebra-cabeças King Size.

Cole o papelão na superfície.

Passo 1.

Cole o papelão na superfície.

Underlay incluído

Mova o quebra-cabeça para o papelão.

Passo 2.

Mova o quebra-cabeça para o papelão.

Vire o quebra-cabeça.

Etapa 3.

Vire o quebra-cabeça.

Cole o filme no quebra-cabeça.

Passo 4.

Cole o filme no quebra-cabeça.

Suavize o filme sobre o quebra-cabeça.

Etapa 5.

Suavize o filme sobre o quebra-cabeça.

Corte o excesso de filme.

Etapa 6.

Corte o excesso de filme.

Coloque os saltos de cola na fita.

Etapa 7.

Coloque os saltos de cola na fita.

It is removable and will not damage your walls

Fixe o quebra-cabeça na parede.

Step 8.

Fixe o quebra-cabeça na parede.

€19,99 Em estoque

Agora você pode facilmente transformar seu quebra-cabeça em uma peça de decoração de interiores para sua casa, escritório ou em qualquer lugar.

O kit inclui:

  • Uma base de papelão para virar o quebra-cabeça;
  • Autocolantes especiais para fixar a base à mesa;
  • Etiquetas adesivas para unir as peças do puzzle (3 folhas);
  • Patches adesivos para prender o quebra-cabeça na superfície desejada;
  • Patches adesivos para prender o quebra-cabeça na superfície desejada;
  • Instruções.

O sistema de fixação é universal para todos os quebra-cabeças e tamanhos

€19,99 Em estoque

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